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A Promise to Peru, Inc. provides an annual cataract surgical and medical mission to the remote villages of the Sacred Valley of Peru and other regions in need. Physicians and other health professionals from across the U.S. along with medical, optometry, pharmacology and public health students and undergraduate students volunteer their time towards this effort.
Monthly archive June, 2017
Blog Post #4 – 2017 Mission

Blog Post #4 – 2017 Mission

Today (June 14) was busier than the last two days, with at least two confirmed buses of patients coming at some point for the clinics. I worked in the eye clinic again, this time taking histories and translating Spanish or Quechua to English on the medical forms. Luckily I was joined by Mia and Andrea, two...
Blog Post #3 -  2017 Mission

Blog Post #3 – 2017 Mission

This post is a little more personal because after the first day our clinics become routine. Today I worked in the eye clinic performing visual acuity exams. We were stationed outside the optometry clinic in a small outdoor courtyard with two benches and 3 eye charts taped to the wall. Even though the courtyard was...
Blog post #2  2017 Mission

Blog post #2 2017 Mission

By Christine Chevalier We slept in for the first and only time this week, after this we’re looking at early morning starts at 6:45am and earlier! After a breakfast of coffee, papaya juice, bread, pineapple and papaya some team members went to the local market for Peruvian popcorn, some took pictures with the llamas behind the hotel, and...
Blog Post #1 2017 Mission

Blog Post #1 2017 Mission

By Christine Chevalier We traveled from JFK airport in New York all the way to Calca, Peru with a layover in Lima! Our journey began at 7:30pm(EST) on June 9 and we arrived in Calca at 3pm(CST), making a total travel time of 19.5 hours. Our dedicated team came mostly from New York, but also from as diverse places...